I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always - as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be ⋒

thoughtfully made everyday essentials for baby and mamma ♥︎

✦ About Love Child ✦

We absolutely love family
and sharing good times together
Celebrating special moments
while watching our little ones grow

We create everyday essentials
that keep us company in this
wonderful journey of life
and parenthood

Hello, Love Child

We love kids and family.
Everyday is a celebration of being together.
Happy days and sweet nights watching them grow.
Being in the moment and grateful for all our blessings.

We're parents too.
We appreciate the same things you do.
Or even if you're not parents, we share the love you have for
family and people you truly care about.

We want to share your parenting experience starting with things
you'll love to use on the daily.
Beautiful high quality clothing and accessories
to feel happy and have the best fun in.

Love Child is all about you, your little angels.
It's all about family.

Thoughtfully created everyday essentials for baby + mamma.
Handmade with thoughtful materials and methods
in small batches by happy family communities in Bali.

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